Product Review – Leovet 5 Star Detangler

Product Overview

This product is a mane and tail detangler – spraying a small amount through the mane and tail will help to comb through and tackle any knots, whilst creating a nice shine on the hair. It also has specific ingredients added which help to soothe itching, moisturise dry skin, stimulate hair growth and increase volume of hair.

It comes in a white bottle with a red spray nozzle and the bottle size is 750ml.

RRP £10.50 (on average)


Thoughts on Product

I really liked this product and it had a great outcome after using it. It left Blossom’s mane and tail feeling very soft and knot free, it also had a lasting effect – I found that Blossom mane and tail was still very soft and easy to manage after applying the detangler 24 hours ago! The product was easy to apply to the mane and tail via the spray nozzle which work brilliantly and evenly distributed the product. Also it smelt great and didn’t leave the mane and tail feeling greasy.


I am going to rate this product 5/5 stars – I found this product great to use and would recommend this to others!

*Disclaimer* I am not sponsored by any of these companies, I Have purchased all these products with my own money. All opinions about these products are my own.


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