The Joys of Owning a Good Doer – Part Two

So it has been a while since I last updated you all on Blossom’s diet. I have to say things are looking good and she has lost a bit of weight! I think rationing her feed has really helped to get some of the weight off her.

I am still be very strict on the amount of treats I give her – she now allowed the odd treat here and there. Also I have stopped giving her a much a the ‘lusher’ grass which is dotted around the yard – now I allow her to have some on a treat day. I don’t think Blossom agrees with not been allowed to have as much nice grass and has decided a couple of times to drag me down the drive to get the best grass (bless her!).

Blossom Eating Food.jpg
Blossom Enjoying Her Dinner

Her weight when we first started her diet was: 494kg.

Her current weight: 474kg.

These weights are just approximates, as I use a weight tape. But I am really happy that she is loosing some weight, so it will help with a legs in the future.

In the next couple of weeks I am planning to put her on a low calorie balancer, but I am still doing some research to find the best balancer to suit her.

I will do another update in a couple of months and I will hopefully do a feed update too!


Rain, Rain and More Rain – The Joys of British Summertime

Where has the lovely sunny weather gone?! Today in not so sunny Suffolk it has been raining constantly since about half past nine this morning. 

Luckily I have been at work in the shop all day so I didn’t get too damp. But in Blossom’s case, she is absolutely soaked (poor pony!) – I feel so mean as currently she hasn’t got a rug on. She did have her fly rug on, but I thought there was no use keeping it on while it’s pouring with rain. 

Damp pony – looking very unimpressed about the rain!

I was going to put her rain sheet on but as it is British summertime it has just a little to humid for her to have it on – she had it on for all of five minutes and was far too warm underneath, so I decided she could go naked until the weather dries up!

She was happy after I gave her her dinner and a few treats and then went back to enjoying munching on some hay. 

Hopefully we will get some nicer weather before the Autumn comes along. It feels like we haven’t had much of a summer! And it also doesn’t help that the days are going so quickly and the months are racing by. 

If the weather is nice on Saturday, me and Blossom may venture out for a wander round the village. I may even do a little blogpost about it – keep an eye out! 

Speak to you soon, B

Bath Time For Blossom

As the weather was nice yesterday and I had a free day to do whatever I like, I decided to give Blossom a bath. She was such a good horse and was very well behaved – she stood quietly the whole time and was rewarded with a few treats (which she loved!). 

Mid-wash, she doesn’t seem too impressed!

I used the Wahl Oatmeal Essence shampoo, along with the Supreme Products Stain Remover shampoo for her tail. I found the pebble brush by Hy worked really well (along with a lot of elbow grease!) to work in the shampoo and remove any stains. I chose to use the oatmeal shampoo as it has soothing properties and does not irritate the skin like some shampoos, especially at this time of year when poor Blossom is covered in fly bites. 

After I’d rinsed everything, I dried her of with some microfibre towels and the Multi-towel by Showmaster – which was really handy as it has hand slots allowing me to thoroughly dry Blossom and it also absorbed so much water. 

I then applied some NAF grooming spray to her mane and tail, to make them silkly smooth.

She is now all soft and fluffy. And looks super duper clean – I wonder how long it will last!

Clean pony – it’s amazing what a bit of elbow grease and some shampoo can do!

Speak to you soon, B!

One of Blossom’s ‘Special’ Moments – The Hay Box

So today I went down to see Blossom after I had finished work, to go and give her feed and put some fly spray on. As I went down I couldn’t see her standing in her usual place by the gate, but was grazing instead. 

I call her over and she comes walking to the gate, she has her feed and I apply some fly spray while she was eating. It’s then she starts acting odd, she goes to eat some hay from her hay box but stretches to get it and then quickly pulls some out. 

Look at those donkey ears!

She continues doing this very cautiously, so I grab some hay out of the box and give it to her. She takes it out of my hand after snorting at me and walking backwards to try and get away. I them leave her be and sit down on the other side of the fence just to she what she does. She goes back over to the hay box, but stands with a bit of distance between her and the box. Where every so often she would cautiously take a slight step forward and stretch her neck out to try and get some hay, but would then start snorting. 

She keeps doing this for about 5 minutes and in the end I shuffle the hay around the box, to which I find after that she is happier to eat from it. 

I came to the conclusion that it may have been some older hay that someone had put on her box and she wasn’t sure on the scent. Or she possible could of zapped her self on the fence and had scared herself.

As I was walking back up the hill to the yard, I saw that she was standing happily eating hay from the box. She is one silly pony!

I hoped you enjoyed this post – I thought it would be funny to share!

Speak to you soon, B

The Joys of Owning a Good Doer 

As you may be able to tell from the title, I own a good doer. Blossom is a chunky cob who can put on weight by just looking a food! It does not help that she has had chronic laminitis in the past, so she is on a strict diet to help try and keep her weight down. Which is quite a challenge, as she is not able to do much work.

Recently I’ve had to cut her feed down by quite a bit. She now only has a handful of chop and a few high fibre nuts, along with her supplements to help support her joints and maintain soundness.

She lives in a small paddock with limited grass, but has adlib hay available in her field. She also has a mineral lick attached to the side of hay box.

Treats are only given once every so often as a reward. And every so often she is allowed a fibre block – which are her favourite.

I tend to weigh her (with a weigh tape) every week, to make sure she is either maintaining or loosing a little bit of weight.

Keeping her in tip top condition can be quite hard, especially with working full time and trying to fit in studying as well. But I do try and make sure she is my top priority.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Hopefully I didn’t ramble on too much!

Speak to you soon, B!